Oaxaca Transback Logs: Thursday, August 8th

You can follow Oaxaca’s return track here on Oaxaca’s website.

8/8 15:00
Position: 37º 32’ N 127º 58’ W
Course over ground: 065º magnetic
Speed over ground: 9 knots
True Wind Speed: 11 knots

We may have got a little behind on our updates, and I could see how it’s hard to imagine we are that busy out here, but we are. We have napping, chatting, fishing, cooking, cleaning, and most importantly, sailing to do.

Today's sailing is absolutely choice broad reaching. We have the little A5 up, which is a heavyweight asymmetrical spinnaker. There is a small regular following sea, it’s blowing 10-12 and we are hitting 10 knots regularly (depending who is driving.) The helm requires no more than 12 inches of movement to keep the boat on course and we are pretty much heading the right way. This is ocean sailing!

The bad news is we only have 250 miles left and it will be over and done before we know. We have become a little family, a tribe, a sitcom-worthy group of roommates on a vast blue screen, a band of gypsy Bedouin rogues clad in safety harnesses and multi-colored balaclavas. If only you could see us now as we spur on our craft: she slices along, sending swarms of flying fish like wild fairies that ride wheelie-popping water bikes in every direction, launched from the white water on Oaxaca's slender prow.

Here we come San Francisco. We may not have flowers in our hair, but we are all significantly saltier sailors than when we left and have earned a landlubbers ration of showers and beer!

Captain Rhys Balmer