Candidate Application


This application is for those interested in joining GBA on offshore or coastal passages.

We have found after many sea miles that proper vetting of personnel is in the best interest of everyone aboard. On offshore passages we often find ourselves out of reach of land and outside assistance. This can not be stressed enough; most of us spend our lives in areas where medical assistance is no more than an hour away but when you are in the middle of the largest ocean in the world, support is often days away. It is important for the crew to be self reliant. We will do our best to outline responsibilities and delegate even distribution of work before casting off but part of being a crew is being willing to make up for each others deficiencies. If, for example, we find that during heavy weather a particular member of the crew or portion there of, has had to spend more time on deck than others it is understood that the rest of the crew takes over their responsibilities below deck, at least as long as conditions prevail. Another example mite be that a crew member that has been incapacitated do to sea sickness for the first part of a voyage. This required the remaining crew to take over their responsibilities, after conditions subside and the sick crew member has recovered, work is done to repay said crew by taking over  some of their responsibilities. Your captain will work to keep the work evenly distributed but also work to align personal propensities with jobs aboard.

Seasickness medication is STRONGLY recommended to be taken by all crew aboard before departing.

PFDs and tethers are required whenever on deck.

There will be no alcohol aboard passage making vessels.

Disruptive behavior, a lack of participation or otherwise unsafe behavior may find you left ashore at the captains earliest convenience.

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