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Island Packet 350 Seattle to San Francisco

"The company's ad copy calls it "a rig suited to a wide range of conditions." Experience suggests that the range is indeed wide, but that shouldn't be interpreted to mean "all-encompassing." Wind abeam and boat speed mounting, you need only roll out the staysail to cement in an extra knot or so and delight in the power of easily-deployed sail. However, short-tacking up a narrow channel trying to shoehorn an over-sized genoa between forestay and headstay and make the boat point when the jib is trimmed to extravagantly wide sheeting angles (all the while wondering what to do with your self-tending but nigh irrelevant staysail), is another story, making it easy to grasp why the cutter rig has, for most builders, gone the way of high-button shoes."

The cost is $2000 per student with a crew of four.

The text for this certification is The International Marine Book of Sailing or The Annapolis Book of Sailing. 


Later Event: November 26
Wauquiez 43 Amphitrite (ketch)