Advanced Coastal Cruising

(Oregon Offshore)

May 4th-13th


Advanced Coastal cruising (ASA 106)  

Taken from the American Sailing Association website

"Able to safely act as skipper and crew of a sailing vessel about 30 to 50 feet in length in coastal and inland waters, in any conditions."

At Griffin we strongly believe that a hands on immersive experience is as important for the student as an adoptive approach is for a instructor to insure the proper preparation of mariners for the rigors of offshore and coastal cruising or racing. We have a stringent vetting process to build the crews that do any coastal training. On may 11th our Cal 40 "Journeyman" will be participating in the 2018 Oregon Offshore Race from Astoria WA to Victoria BC. 4 students will have the opportunity to do ether the delivery from the San Juan's Friday Harbor to Astoria or the race its self. All the coarse material and testing will be done abroad over the class. Space is limited so sign up now and guaranty your spot.


Big Boat Spinnaker Handling

May 5th - 6th


Join Journeyman in Friday Harbor for a 2 day intensive spinnaker handling coarse. Students will learn technics for handling asymmetrical and symmetrical spinnakers as gear up for the Oregon Offshore race and delivery. Accommodations and lunches will be provided.



Advanced Coastal Cruising


May 23rd - 28th


Advanced Coastal cruising (ASA 106)  

Swiftsure International Yacht race.
Like the Oregon Offshore this is an opportunity to get aboard a race boat in big water and get your Advanced Coastal Certification. The Swiftsure has been one of the biggest sailboat races in the northwest since 1930. As many as 300 boats have been seen on the start line outside beautiful Victoria. Journyman will be participating in the 138 nautical mile coarse or the "Lightship". There are only four spots available so sign up soon because the spots will fill fast.



Mon – Sun: 1p


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Mon – Sun: 3p


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Mon – Sun: 7p


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